Saturday, 29 December 2012

Mac Lipstick: Plumful

After losing my MAC lipstick virginity in a predictable fashion (not what I expected, less-than-satisfying, etc) I rebelled against my previous conceptions and asked for Plumful in my stocking this Christmas. Luckily, the second time has been a lot more successful than the first. Plumful is described on the website as a "blossoming rose-plum", which is possibly the most accurate I have ever seen a MAC description! I feel that it really brings out the pink and raspberry tones in my lips, which in addition to the moisturising 'lustre' finish, makes this lipstick very wearable.

I feel as though I should try a different finish when I purchase my next lipstick. Do you have any suggestions? Which finish is your favourite?

Oh, and have a lovely New Years Eve!

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