Thursday, 27 December 2012

Topshop Lipstick #2: Innocent and Beguiled

Hello hello!

I recently picked up two new Topshop lipsticks (I think I am becoming a bit of a junkie. When will I get my next fix?) in the shades Innocent and Beguiled. Both are sticking to my winter theme of sugary pinks and rich, deep reds - I should really begin moving away from my comfort zones and experiment with, dare I say it, nudes or oranges. I'm still stuck on Topshop because their lipsticks have such a nice smell! I genuinely feel that they are a high street competitor to MAC quality lip products.

Anyway, scroll down to discover my first impressions of these two new purchases.

I can't help but see Innocent as Pillow Talk's more mature big sister. The colour is ever-so-slightly more subtle, making it a great everyday lip. I also feel that this shade suits my skin tone slightly better - do you agree? Innocent is easy to pair with outfits if you fancy sweetening your look due to its highly versatile colour. It needs a couple of applications throughout the day, but this has never bothered me. I almost enjoy the bathroom mirror ritual when I'm on the move! 

I had heard great things about Beguiled and naturally was excited to try it. The Morello cherry shade is a brave one, but we still have two more months of winter to wear it, including the monumental New Years party. As with many Topshop lipsticks, the velvet finish needs a little blotting and a few coats. I can't help but compare this lipstick to Inhibition and, if I'm quite frank, it just can't compete. Personally, I find the berry undertones of Inhibition more complimentary against my skin tone, MAC's NC15. I have yet to wear Beguiled out of the house, but right now the durability is not looking promising! As you can probably tell from the images, it applies unevenly and stains everything it touches, lips or otherwise. Definitely invest in a good lip liner of you want to wear this shade. As lovely as this dark red is to wear, in my opinion, the downsides outweigh the highlights.

Which shades should I purchase next? Let me know in the comments!