Friday, 4 January 2013

Mini Topshop Haul

So I was feeling like a browse in Topshop today as I had some Christmas gift cards I was dying to use. This is what I came home with!

Lipstick in Rio Rio - Topshop

So, in typical Lucy fashion, I ran straight to the make-up stand and found another lipstick to try. I chose a bright orange-red - are you proud of me? Veering out of my comfort zone, I hope you notice. Anyway, so far I am very impressed with the coverage and consistency. It suits my skin tone better than the pale pinks do, surprisingly, and although I need to be feeling brave to wear it, it may become the accompaniment to my spring wardrobe. Who knows, eh?

Now these bad boys are the purchase I was most excited about. I have been lusting after these suede wooden heels since I saw them in one of Rhiannon's posts last spring and now I finally found a pair! They had been reduced to £35, which made them oh-so-much-more attractive. I'm not sure how much wear I will get out of these but I don't care; for now they are my babies.

Floral Trim Blouse - Topshop

Finally, a lovely new blouse which I saw on my last shift and could not resist. In my opinion, it is adorable and the collar alone was a good enough excuse to buy it. It was an expensive purchase but hey, I think it will be worth it.


  1. I love those shoes! :D
    what camera do you use? Reply on my blog please!
    following you xx

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  2. Lovely buys - especially the shoes! X

  3. This colour looks lovely on you :) x