Friday, 16 November 2012

November Wish List

1) Navy Disco Pants - Fashion Union
2) "Inhibition" Lipstick - Topshop
3) Herringbone Coat - Mango
4) AGGRO Heeled Boots - Tophop
5) Embroided Dress - RARE London
6) Velvet Skater Skirt - ROMWE

It has reached that mid-autumn/winter time and I am realising how unprepared I am for the harsh weather ahead. Tops and bottoms are my main focus this season as after having a clear out last weekend they are looking fairly depleted. As much as I would love a pair of Imperial Purple disco pants from American Apparel, the chances of me actually biting the bullet and buying them is incredibly low. Until I am earning enough to spend those seventy five pounds, I will probably be waiting for this bewitching alternative to come back in stock. As for coats, I am still using the fifteen pound Primark coat that I purchased last year (which as you can imagine is slightly worse for wear), and so when I came across this Mango masterpiece I was thrilled!

Ever since I began working at Topshop I have been trying to resist the ALEXY Chelsea boot - so many of my friends own a pair. After weeks of trying to talk myself out of buying them, I suddenly saw these alternatives on a colleague and became infatuated. I'm hoping to buy these bad boys with my uniform discount in the near future! Now all I have to do is save up...

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