Sunday, 2 December 2012

Topshop Lipstick: Pillow Talk and Inhibition

Over the past couple of weeks I have been taking advantage of my Topshop discount (finally employed, woo!) and purchased two lipsticks that I have been yearning after for a very long time. I am really picky about the scent of lipsticks but Topshop ones really fit the bill. They remind me of a milky jelly baby... I don't know. As always, I love the packaging as it is does not look particularly high-street-esque. I have received many compliments from Inhibition over the past couple of weeks, however I am yet to wear Pillow Talk out of the house. Wish me luck, eh?

Oh, and to give you an idea of my skin tone, I wear the MAC foundation shade NC15.

I was really surprised to see Pillow Talk in my local Topshop; for some reason I was convinced that the colour had been discontinued. The finish is described as 'velvet', which to me implies a moderately creamy, glossy appearance. I feel a little 'Kim Kardashian' when wearing this lipstick - it would be a lot more versatile if it was slightly more matte. I was also hoping that it would have nude undertones, however they are pretty non-existent on application.

Don't be put off by the purple: Inhibition has quickly become my favourite lipstick and I adore it! I had initially been looking for a similar shade in MAC, however I was concerned that I would not get enough wear out of it and so opted for a Topshop one instead. The berry shade really compliments my skin tone, which is a pleasant surprise. Perhaps I am just a novice, but I find this lipstick very difficult to apply evenly. As with all lipsticks of a similar colour, it needs to be topped up every couple of hours. At first I was concerned about the finish being too, well... 'slippery-looking', but after a couple of applications I became less bothered about the glossiness. Over all though, a truly lovely lipstick!

What's your favourite Topshop lipstick? Have you got any recommendations?

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  1. Both colours look amazing on you! Love pillow talk xx